Terra Communications was founded in 1995 in the island of Corfu. Why? Because we envisaged something new was growing globally, that a brave new world was rising and we had to be a part of this change. Start ups were coming. Internet, Apple, Globalization, Travelling etc. And we were at the right spot, at the westernmost point of Greece, in the heart of the Mediterranean, in Corfu.

The global, the Medi-Terra and of course some bottles of local wine, gave us one summer dawn the inspiration to name that new initiative Terra. It was too complex for many to comprehend our intentions: Our accountant, a respected traditional elder, asking with surprise and wide open eyes ‘what exactly do you do?’ almost 20 years later we find it still difficult to answer with one word to that question. What exactctly do we do? Give a try to the links of our ‘selected works’ to find out exactly what we do.