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Terra Editions & Communications was founded in 1995 aiming to fill the gap of strategic planning and management communication between professionals and their clients, in the Ionian Islands. In a later stage we enhanced our activities in every aspect of branding and communication.

I remember our accountant, a respected traditional elder, asking with surprise and wide open eyes ‘what exactly do you do?’ 16 years later I find it difficult to answer with one word to that question. What really do we do? Give a try to the links of our 'selected works' to find out exactly what we do.

What we do.

Connecting the simply started objective with the appropriate idea requires the professional expertise of a connected team capable of starting it off right and following it through each step the way. Each and everyone of us, including the associates you do not see at meetings, owns a piece of our process and the success that results when we deliver on what we preach and promise to do, including:

Publishing  /  Branding  /  Public Relations  /  Events  /  Tourist Promotion  /  New Media  / 
Media Promotion & Publicity

Selected works.

See below the links representing what we do exactly:

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Terra Editions & Communication
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